Learning an Instrument

Learning an Instrument.

Getting Started

The Instrumental Music Service in West Dunbartonshire offers free instrumental music tuition in all primary and secondary schools across the authority.

At primary level, pupils will be invited to apply for an aptitude test when spaces arise in the instructor’s timetable. This will be conducted in an informal manner by one of our team of specialist instructors and will test the child’s general suitability to the instrument being offered. It is not possible to offer all instruments in each school due to staffing limitations and limited spaces will be available. Should your child not be successful, please be aware that there are many other opportunities for your child to take part in musical activity perhaps at a later stage.

At Secondary Schools, pupils can apply for an aptitude test by putting in a note of interest to their music teacher who will inform them if/when a space may be available.

Learning a Musical Instrument

Pupils will receive a 25-minute individual or group lesson and are expected to attend lessons, practice on a regular basis and participate in school and authority ensembles when an appropriate standard has been reached. Please be aware, that while tuition and the hire of instruments are free of charge, parents will be expected to purchase any music books for tuition as requested by the instructor, as well as any additional resources, to enable them to maintain their instrument.

Learning a musical instrument is an extremely enjoyable and valuable experience that requires commitment and consistent practice. The Parent/Carer’s role is extremely important in helping children reach their full potential. This can be achieved by:

  • Encouraging regular practice and monitor their attendance at lessons and ensembles
  • Encourage them to take part in school and authority groups which is an imperative part of your child’s development
  • Provide the necessary resources such as music, strings, rosin, reeds, valve oil etc. where appropriate
  • Be aware that musical instruments are fragile and valuable and that it is the child’s responsibility to maintain their instrument. Any damage beyond wear and tear will result in the parent/carer being liable for the cost of repairs
  • Have an active involvement in your child’s development and share their enthusiasm
  • Liaise with the Instrumental Music Service when appropriate