Meet the Repairer

Andrew Burnley.

Andrew’s mechanical engineering background, exceptional hand skills and an eye for detail combined with being a perfectionist has made him the highly respected instrument repairer he is today. He worked at Band Supplies for twenty years as their onsite brass and woodwind repairer specialist, in September 2004 Andrew then joined West Dunbartonshire Council as their Music service technician, Andrew has a remarkable ability to transfer his skills to other disciplines and since joining W.D.C. he has added string instrument repairing to his skill set, using the personal development plan run at W.D.C. Andrew has attended the Violin making summer school in Cambridge and recently completed making his first violin.

Andrew not only provides repairs for the authority but additionally for other Instrumental Music Services, music centres and for musicians from the surrounding national orchestras such as the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

Andrew enjoys sharing his expertise at in-service repair days for other authorities, and as a tuba player at heart, can be seen playing regularly with the Glasgow Wind Band.

“Andy is a superb craftsman, always willing to get the best job done in the fastest time possible, especially if it’s an emergency repair. His work is always 100% flawless and it’s obvious that he is truly dedicated to getting the best results.” (Mark O’Keefe, Principal Trumpet, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra)

“Andy Burnley has been repairing my own personal instruments continuously for the last 30 years, and there is no one else in the country who I would have trusted with getting them up to top condition, whilst I was a working professional musician. For the last 10 years, since I took over the Instrumental Music Service here at East Renfrewshire, he has been looking after our repairs for all woodwind and brass instruments.

He is fastidious in his repairs whilst very efficient with his time and will always put himself out in an emergency to do a special repair if required. He often offers advice about the viability of a repair, and will never carry out any unnecessary repairs if he thinks it will be false economy to the authority. This advice can be invaluable with repair and purchase budgets to juggle.

He picks up vast amounts of instruments and delivers them, often in his own time and carries out the bulk of our repairs when it suits us – during the summer vacation when the schools are closed. I hope that Andy will be able to continue looking after our repairs for many years to come and I truly believe that West Dumbarton is incredibly lucky to have such a talented repairer as a full time employee – I am jealous!” (Donald Finlayson, Instrumental Music Service Manager, East Renfrewshire Council)