Digital Music Programme

Digital Music Programme.

The Digital Development Programme is led by Richard Creasey a musician and recording engineer who uses the latest music technology hardware & software, to deliver groundbreaking workshops to primary schools throughout West Dunbartonshire.

Every pupil is given the opportunity to use equipment that would have made the Beatles and George Martin green with envy! Not only thousands of instruments, loops and samples at each person’s fingertips, but a range of new instruments utilizing “gesture” technology instead of the limited, conventional range of traditional control devices and keyboards.

Classes explore musical genres from all over the world and are encouraged to use them in their compositions. From Afghan Rubabs to sweeping, growling, Dubstep basses, from Chinese Jinghu to skirling Highland Pipes, a world of musical instruments and sounds is just a click away.

Digital Workshops are designed and delivered in line with Curriculum for Excellence and not only highlight outcomes pertaining to Expressive Arts but also utilise Literacy, Numeracy, Health and Wellbeing, Social Studies and Technology to enhance the learning experience and support the curricula agenda within each school.